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Congratulations on your 35th Anniversary!
Thank you for all the wonderful care you have provided me over the years! You are the best!

Dear Dr. Mendlowski,

Thank you for fixing my tooth just before our granddaughter’s wedding.
I had a big smile all day!
Thanks again,
Carol D.

To Dr. Mike & Staff

Thank you for your care! Happy 2018

Sue & David

To Dr. Mike & Staff

Dear Dr. Mike & Staff,
Boy, you all just come through for us, every time. You find a wreck coming in, never what you expect, and pull out all the stops, calling in the teams to make it all right again.

It hardly seems enough to say thank you, but it also means the kindness and caring you give your patients is so high, so beyond, for this we are grateful.
Thank you!

Ellen & Don

Thank You Card

Dr. Mendlowski,
I wanted to say “Thank you” for having me at your office to temp. I’ve been in dentistry a long time and worked with a lot of dentists. However, you taught me so much in those 2 days of working with you. You are a great dentist.



To Dr. Mendlowski,


With thanks from grateful me to thoughtful you. For your kindness, sensitivity and generosity! Blessings to you and your wonderful staff.


Thank you Card


Dear Dr. Mendlowski,

Thank you cardtestimonials

Thank you so very much for your sponsorship of the OLG Designer Bag Bingo.Your support of our event contributed greatly to its success! 225 members of our community gathered for an afternoon of fun and good will- all to benefit the community work of the ladies group! Thank you for being such an important part of this good work. Your generosity is just yet another reason I’m so happy that you are our family’s dentist!

With kind regards,

Thank You Card

Patient testimonial thank you cardThank you note, testimonial

We wanted to send you this “Thank you” note to let you know that we very much appreciate and consider ourselves blessed having your service and care. Also,we are very grateful for our family friendship. Please give our regards to Marta & Kristina.
Koshy, Leena, Krista and Alex

Dear Dr. Mendlowski,


I wanted to thank you, Bonnie (assistant), MaryLou ( assistant) for your skilled expertise in my double extraction last week. It was as close to a “piece of cake” that I could have imagined in that situation.
Thanks again,

Dear Doctor, Thank You!

Kathleen Augustine Testimonial printKathleen Augustine Testimonial print

It is over a week since you put the gold filling in tooth #1. I would thank you for the whole procedure. You made me comfortable and carefully prepared the tooth for the filling so the filling-inlay would fit perfectly. You were successful. The tooth feels normal at all times when chewing or when the tongue touches it. Thank you for all your patience and talent to make it so perfect. God bless you and all the work you do.


Image of a testimony from a patientDear Dr. Mendlowski:

It is apparent that I have no qualifications to evaluate your professional judgments and your technical ability as you meticulously crafted a replacement dental crown for me. Only your professional peers can do this.

Now that this work is completed I do feel confident in providing some perceptions of a typical consumer of your services.

You maintain a very satisfactory professional relationship. Not too friendly, and no indication of arrogance or professional superiority. You give the impression that your patients are important people. You respect them and their needs. You appear to enjoy your work and go to great lengths to achieve perfection. In the opening sentence of this note I used the words meticulously crafted. These words were carefully chosen since you approached my crown work as if it was an artistic challenge. You have often commented that some of my older dental work was done with skill and competence. You were able to make me feel that your work will match or exceed the quality of that work and might well be a piece of art. During the three sessions that I was in your office I was always comfortable. There was no reason for fear or have doubt about your skill and devotion to an excellent result. As has always been true the physical environment of your office, its cleanness and provision for patient privacy was superior.

For me this was a very satisfactory experience. Thank you for making this possible.


testimonialDr. Mendlowski:

I’m so proud to be part of your team and thankful for your caring and generosity.


Image of a testimony from a patientDr. Mike:

Thank you for your time, your commitment to excellent work and your always thoughtful consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Image of a testimony from a patientDear Dr. Mike:

Ive been meaning to get this out to your for days. I just wanted to thank you for the great bonding you did. My teeth are beautiful. When anyone compliments my smile, I’m certain to say that its thanks to Dr. Mike. You are a perfectionist and it shows in your work. You should be proud!!

Thank you again for all your time and energy. I really really appreciated it.


cindy ruenes testimonials to dr mendlowskiThank you so much for taking care of me!


Cliff Heizman testimonial about Dr mendlowskiDear Dr. Mendlowski:

Thank you so very much for your excellent work and kindness. Wishing you all the best always.


Image of a testimony from a patientTo Dr. Mendlowski and Staff:

Many thanks for your friendly, prompt and very professional help last Wednesday in regard to my broken bridgework. Your response to my contacting you was the best I can imagine, and I appreciate it immensely.


Image of a testimony from a patientDear Dr. Mike:

I know the extra care and thought you put into making my new two front teeth. The artistry shows, you are a truly gifted man.

Already I feel a smile come more readily, happiness that bubbles up and now shows.

Thank you so very much for all you do.


Dianne stoler testimonial about Dr. MendlowskiDear Dr. Mendlowski:

I want to thank you for your generosity. I cant tell you how much I appreciated it. Dr. Rob always speaks so highly of you and your staff so of course I knew I was in good hands, but now I know first hand of your kindness and your gentle professionalism. My thanks again to you and your lovely staff.

With Kindest Regards,


Image of a testimony from a patientDear Dr. Mendlowski and Staff:

Thank you so much for giving me an amazing smile for our wedding day. You have all been so wonderful to my family and me over many years and we appreciate your kindness and wonderful service. Thank you again!




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